This is a huge milestone. Half of the people reside in Lesotho. The other half is outside the country. People who read our stories most are in Lesotho, followed by South Africa, followed by Botswana. The most interested cities are Maseru, followed by Gaborone, followed by Johannesburg! We reach people in more than 50 different countries. Our readers are as far as Uzbekistan!

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THE statistics have made this page one of the most influential in Lesotho, the most focused in Lesotho (we refuse to be sidetracked from the road of Research and Innovation) and the most popular page in the area of innovation not in Lesotho but in the SADC region. Yes, our page beats Research and/or Innovation pages from highly resourced and opulent institutions in the region.

This is not because NUL is wiser or better than anyone else. It is because we have the most passionate and loyal fans. This is proved by the level of Engagements as shown in the statistics. For every three people who see our stories, one takes action (either by liking, commenting, sharing etc). As shown below, we reached 300, 000 and 100, 000 of them got engaged.

We are often surprised by the level of support we receive from Botswana and South Africa. We wonder what interests them from a tiny, little, poor country like Lesotho. In the end, we realise that People everywhere do really value sincere effort irrespective of who is putting forth that effort.

So what can we say? Thank you so much for your support! We look forward to the excitement of the year 2020! We are still in this game together.