After receiving the much needed funding from the Government of Lesotho through cooperation of the Ministries of Education, Development Planning and Finance, feasibility studies for the Infrastructure Development of the NUL School of Engineering are coming to a close.


Apply for NULISTICE 2020

Business proposals for the second phase of the NUL Innovation Hub


The next stage is to erect a towering building which will change the fortunes of Lesotho for good.

The School will provide: Chemical Engineering (Chemical and BioChemical), Civil Engineering (Civil, Mining, Water), Electrical Engineering (Power, Computer and Electronic), Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical, Industrial and Agricultural) along with Architecture and the Built Environment (Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Real Estate).

The School will offer Programs from First Degree through Masters to PhD.

To make sure that this is not just another School, the Government of Lesotho has ensured the School goes along with the Proposed NUL Product Development Laboratory. The Engineers will learn and develop tangible products that will change Lesotho's Economic landscape.

The Government is also assisting the university to develop the second phase of the NUL INNOVATION HUB which will incubate more than 100 businesses at any given moment in time. It is also assisting in the development of the NUL-LNDC Industrial Park (The Innovation City) where smart jobs will be created in their thousands.

Gone are the days when we used to teach for the sake of teaching and learn for the sake of learning.

Thank you the Government of Lesotho for the great work!