This poem does not make sense

The phonetic do not relate to the phonological
The phonological do not give birth
to syntactic complexities
which in turn does not breed semantic realities

Let me tell you a story that began
70 years ago or rather
7 decades old
How many times do I forgive those that wrong me
70 x 7 times which equals 490
It means it doesn’t matter how many times
Excuse my arithmetic ignorance
When the University of Botswana Lesotho
And Swaziland was established
It became an island of safety
In the sea of perils
A fountain of hope to quench
The thirst for knowledge
From her breast she fed boys and girls
Who have become men and women
Who are torch bearers to brighten
The Dark Continent

Despite her wrinkled face as a result of old age
Her beauty reflects on the faces of our children
We drank from the same spring of knowledge
And our children and their children’s children
will continue to graze on these pastures
Today is a happy day I just can’t afford to spoil the fun
By taking us to the Genesis
Which is many yesteryears behind the now
Ngoahola kola kola kola kola kola kola...
Rather I begin in the middle closer to the end
End in the middle closer to the beginning
But the story has too many plots
Chanted in the impact this University
Has made in the lives of countless African children
Its memory steps have not been
Wiped by the winds of change


Let me rather sing you a song
A song that would be sung
by the heavenly birds
as they gather around a pond for breakfast
a pelican will sing the base
a flamingo will sing the baritone
a nightingale will sing the melody
an Eagle will be the chorister

A song that would be sung by the heavenly Angels
as the seraphim’s
Sing the stagatos
The cherubim’s sing the dishendos
And the people sing the christiandos
Unfortunately the song comes not in Arabic
Greek or Hebrew rather
In a language foreign to human language
If I sing it u wont understand


Let me rather recite you a poem
The poem is full of poetic devices
And idiomatic expressions

I can’t tell a story neither can I sing a song
Or recite a poem…
Let me say it like it is


(THE poem written by the NUL trained Teboho Rantsoabe as the University celebrated 70 years of existence. Re a li hopola le tsona. )