Ever since she has been a sign language interpreter for the past 4 years and signed for schools and Lesotho Television, Beata Emily Matasane noted challenges faced by the deaf people worldwide which included total exclusion from the community. “Then I thought, what can I do to make them part and parcel of what happens daily?” Beata reflected. Starting a YouTube channel that is partitioned in 3 parts (Education,Health & Hair) became her break-through to combat the challenges. “My YouTube channel talks about the 3 categories named above and in ALL my videos there is sign language interpreting.

“Another thing that encouraged me was the fact that most of us have less information about deaf education and the HEARING PEOPLE TEND TO THINK THAT IF THEY WERE BORN HEARING, THEY CANNOT BE DEAF, WHICH IS NOT CORRECT.” She added.

So in that channel, videos are uploaded twice a week. If you want to learn more about the channel, watch, share, comment, like and subscribe to it. To subscribe, one needs a valid email address. IT IS FREE TO SUBSCRIBE. All you do is go to YouTube page and on the search bar, type ‘BEATA EMILY MATASANE’ then click on that page, or click on this link below:


Why not subscribe and enjoy the videos. For more information please contact Matasane on 59415612/68098643 or email her on bmatasane15@gmail.com.

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