Bad news for thieves and those who are lazy at work! The system initiated at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) which tracks thieves in your yard or house on live video streamed to your cell-phone, is now ready for purchase. It can pick up the thieves’ voices, shock them with alarms and alternating lightsand help you keep an eye on your gossiping employees even when you are away—again, on your cell-phone! It even detects smoke or fire and smses you about it.

As a bonus, this smart system literally allows you to control electronic products in your home even when you are in Hawaii, Nova Scotia or Antananarivo, on a holiday.

It started first as a university final year project by the former NUL BEng student, Khotso Moahloli, supervised by Mr Thabo koetje. Moahloli later met his former BEng pal, Rethabile Maleke with whom they worked to commercialise the idea.

(Catch ‘em here: Tel ( +266) 2231 4902, Cell: (+266) 5769 7482 / 6943 9759).

The duo would spend the next four years developing an integrated system which does miracles. It has been tested and tested and tested, again and again and again in many houses. It works, it works, it works!

Their company is called NobleX.

It is noble.

During the development of the system, the two fellows received an unexpected “shot in the arm.” Developing the system needed money; not a small amount, “so we decided to enter into a Bacha Entrepreneurship Project Competition funded by Standard Lesotho Bank, Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) and Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO),” Moahloli said.

To their surprise, they won! They came second-place after beating hundreds of other entries. And they were rewarded with a whooping M162, 000! Then they settled down to draw up a mischief against thieves, rascals and the gossipers whilst making life comfortable for everyone else.

What mischief?

With this system, a thief is taken for a roller-coaster ride the moment he enters a door or a gate. First the system will detect that the thief is in the house. Well, it does not confuse the thief with all other moving things in the house or yard because it is able to understand that this one is a human—albeit unwanted one.

From detection onwards, all hell breaks loose. 
The system has options (which you as the buyer chooses to activate). It can silently start alerting you if someone is in your home or business by sending an sms, “hi there, we have some kinda stranger in the house.” It also smses two other people of your choice.

It takes no chances thereafter. It could be that you are not yet aware of the message. And so are your two other pals. For whatever reason, you may be a bid distant from your phone, dosing off in a nap or a couple of other things.

So after sending the sms, the system rings you up! Actually, it gives you a buzz! If you don’t respond to this call, it gives the second person a buzz. If she doesn’t respond, it gives the third person a buzz.

All these things happen fast!

Then it starts from the beginning until someone says, “Oh my! Mus’ be some’ping goin’ really wron’.”

Once you get the message and the buzz, you open the NobleX app on your cell-phone and, lo and behold! You can see the intruder in the house, or in your yard and everything he is doing. “If the intruders are more than one, and they are talking, alas for them, you can hear what they are saying,” Moahloli said (don’t tell a professional spy about this, this is for home security only).

Then, unexpectedly, the system can scare thieves with an alarm and then shock ’em with lights that are turned on and off without a warning. Just when the thieves think things can’t get any worse, they do. Before the magistrate, they will be shown evidence that in fact; it was they who broke in.

That is because the cameras used by NobleX can “see at night.” So when you come at night, they take pictures of you even in pitch black darkness! “If we don’t see a thief clearly on our cell-phones, which gives us a view of the entire house in all four corners,” Moahloli revealed, “we can actually zoom in and, “there he is—captured live—red handed!””

NobleX system also helps you monitor your employees on your cell-phone while you are many kms away, to see if they are doing their work. Even more it can detect smoke and alert you on your phone even before full-blown fire can start!

But this system is not only for catching bad guys. It also assists good guys. 
With it, you can put lights on and off when you are miles and miles away from home. Maybe you see you will be late but you want neighbours to assume you are in.

You just press a button on your cell-phone’s NobleX app. Maybe you want water in your geyser to be warm when you arrive at your home. You achieve that with a press of a button, on your phone.

For a demo, the system is installed at their office in Mohalalitoe, Maseru, Lesotho. You are welcome to take a free ride with it so you can buy or invest. Catch them here: Tel :( +266) 2231 4902, Cell: (+266) 5769 7482 / 6943 9759, Email: nnoblex33@gmail.com