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In Lesotho, the idea of beautifying our yards is a far-fetched goal. Most people don’t consider it as that important. This is why you find most yards in Lesotho look so ordinary, even if the house and the interior are stunning.

Mafikeng Stones, one of the companies incubated at NUL Innovation Hub, is here to change that. If you can afford the regular interlocking paving blocks we’ve seen for decades now, you can afford Mafikeng Stones paving bricks. The prices are very similar but in return you’ll get a far better product; a product with a higher compressive strength as compared to other local paving bricks. In addition to the superior strength, Mafikeng Stones paving bricks possess this distinctive natural texture on the surface that is very decorative.

We’re so accustomed to the idea that hotels, guest houses and parks are the only places that deserve beautiful yards. That’s an old fashioned perception. Our homes deserve beautiful yards as much or even more. One of the reasons we visit these hotels and parks is to observe their beauty and in the process relax our minds and nerves. Imagine witnessing the same paradise every day at the comfort of your yard.

Mafikeng Stones paving bricks are unique and beautiful, period! They possess a fresh look that no one can ignore. The moment you look at them, you’re instantly mesmerized by their beauty. You can immediately visualize how beautiful your yard is going to look. You can turn your yard into a paradise!

Visit us at our office at NUL Innovation Hub, Roma, or contact us here for more details

(+266) 58539177, 68475816, 58588647

Our Facebook page, #Mafikeng _Stones

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