Do you want to sell the Nul Innovation HUB’s SEPA?


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If so, we are available here on WhatsApp 266 56203524… Dresses are a message!

Be careful! Before you buy a soap, ask if it’s a Teacher.

Why should you turn into a Teacher?

1. It’s a soap full of GlycerineSince it’s a natural soap made by the Basotho’s artists, the Lion is full of glycerine that keeps your skin all day long.

2. It’s a natural soapA teacher is made of natural products to you and chemical fighting your skin and cause problems to you. So, it’s a soap made for all kinds of skin.

3. Se etsa letlalo le tlokomang A messenger is made in a way that uses low heat. This style leaves all the good soap salts still. This makes a good and carefull skin. That’s why all the bottles and ribs are crazy about the Teacher.

4. If you’re bonojoanaDue to the use of quality and carefully selected products, A very friendly teacher is so you can use them with babies.

5. It helps the skin and boiYou may have been trying the tissues for a long time, you’re tired. Maybe they make you block or bother you in the link while you bath.

Some of these make you give up on the choices. It’s the work of low quality road trails full of country. If you’re on this list, get a new Teacher, roll and don’t. Pela needed a tail is to send.

6. Reduces some skin problemsThose who have already started using the Teachers to calm down the spirit of how you helped them.

You don’t have to go around! The honor is the granny of the tissue. So, when you buy a soap, ask if it’s a Character.

You can find it here:

[1] EnrichStores, Ha Mafafa, [2] First Choice, pela Sefika Complex [3] Lekhaloananeng Casha and Carry,Lekhoaloaneng, [4] Mpeoa Supermarket, Naleli, [5] ‘Na le Uena Supermarket, Ha Thetsane, Lekhalong, [6] Lovely Cosmetics, Sefika Complex.Do you want to sell a Teacher (for students)? If so, we are available here on WhatsApp 266 56203524… Dresses are a message!

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