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The Energy Research Centre (ERC) is very pleased to welcome new MSc in Sustainable Energy students who include two students, Paul and Luisa, from Germany. What are the initial impressions of Paul and Luisa about Lesotho and the MSc programme after being in Lesotho for four weeks?

“Our arrival in Lesotho was simplified by the very nice, open-minded, and helpful Basotho. Everything was well organized by the NUL ERC. The beautiful mountainous landscape invites one to go on a hike, pony trek, mountain bike tour, etc.”, says Luisa. What is her take on the MSc programme? “The structure of the lectures, which combines the learning of content with many practical tasks, is very useful. This is often understated at other universities. The lecturers exude a high level of expertise and try to go to great lengths to make their subject matter easy to understand.”

Paul on the other hand says, “The Research Methodologies component is taught better here. Overall, the professional competence of the lecturers generally ranges between good and very good. The classmates are very exciting with different backgrounds. Lesotho is a beautiful country that has a lot of potential due to its nature, its geography and its people. Most people are open and warm. I feel very welcome in this country.”

The ERC wishes all the students a productive experience and aspires to meet the expectations of the students!

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