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Hirundo Energy (https://hirundo.energy/) develops wind energy projects and operates wind farms in Belgium. The company has for several years been exploring and engineering wind energy projects in Ghana and Lesotho. The company is looking to erect a number of wind farms in Lesotho and has recently officially registered a subsidiary called ‘Hirundo Lesotho’. As part of this noble intention, a number of studies need to be undertaken to accurately check the viability of such farms.

Hirundo Energy therefore cautiously approached the Energy Research Centre (ERC) to model the potential revenue generation of such farms considering the various Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) electricity trading markets. The company got pleasantly surprised with the quality and depth of the results that the ERC produced within no time.

“I’m really surprised by the quality and amount of work the ERC managed to produce within such a short time.” Said Jacob Demeyer, Co-founder and Engineer at Hirundo Energy.

This then opened the flood gates of cooperation between the two institutions. Hirundo Energy then awarded ERC another contract. This time around to carry out the study on the integration of the envisioned farms into the national grid. The study is done in consultation with Lesotho Electricity Company, being the custodian of the national grid. The study is on-going. Hirundo Energy is happy with the results achieved so far.

“The methodology and results obtained so far meet the international standards and quality.”

Said both Frank Vermeulen and Chris Derde, Engineers and Co-founders of Hirundo Energy.

Having interacted and worked with Frank for some time, believe us he’s pretty hard to impress with his 30 odd years’ experience working in the European energy systems’ industry.

This is just the beginning of one of the long term productive collaboration with the private sector that ERC has embarked on. We’ll soon enough share the good news of other energy-related stakeholder projects we have undertaken, including the one we have just completed for Lesotho Electricity Company.

Watch this space!

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