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Keneuoe Anacletta Mot’soane, Department of Development Studies, National University of Lesotho

Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 16, No.4, 2014)

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The main argument of this paper is that lack of housing threatens prospects for sustainable development in Maseru. With the increasing urbanization most of the population from other parts ofLesotho move to Maseru, the only city in the country where employment and education opportunities and basic services are concentrated. Housing as a requirement for sustainable development far lags behind this burgeoning population and instead there is increasing poverty in the city.

This requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders including the government, the private sector and civil society to come up with policy to address housing problems in Maseru and lead to attainment of sustainable development. This paper serves as a basis for such policy debates and as a guide towards addressing the housing problems in promoting sustainable development in Maseru.

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