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Yes, Molleloa products have already taken the entire Maseru by the storm! As if that was not enough already, a new fruit cocktail yogurt with its tantalizing taste is another addition to the existing mixed berry and strawberry yogurts. In the meantime, many people are consuming Molleloa Mafi like there is no tomorrow!

If you want to distribute Molleloa products, even if you are an individual seller, call +266 59117090, or +266 63063730. If you are in Maseru City, we deliver to you. If you are outside of Maseru, and you can collect them yourself, for now. The plan is to increase the space of delivery over time.

Finally, Basotho are enjoying the best dairy products made in Lesotho!

Find Molleloa products here:

[1] Enrich Stores, Ha Mafafa,

[2] Basia Bakery, Ha Matala,

[3] Mpeoa Supermarket, Naleli

[4] LMC Puma Garage, Borokhoaneng,

[5] Naleli Filling Station, Ha Motšoeneng,

[6] Lekhaloaneng Cash and Carry, Lekhaloaneng,

[7] ‘Na le Uena General Cafe, Ha Thetsane, Lekhalong,

[8] Puma Garage, Lakeside, [9] Falimehang General Cafe, Ha Thetsane,

[10] Pasco General Cafe, Ha Motaung, Ha Abia,

[11] Ha Pita,

[12] Smally Car Wash, Lithabaneng,

[13] Bright Light, Ha ‘Mantšebo, Setopong,

[14] Gateway, Ha ‘Masana Setopong,

[15] MultiSave, Ha Thetsane, Ha Tsolo,

[16] Rock ‘n Roll, Sekamaneng, near Koalabata Primary,

[17] Mews Supermarket, Qoaling,

[18] Semakaleng Supermarket, Semphetenyane,

[19] Pasco Supermarket, Khubetsoana, opposite Salang,

[20] Ha ‘Me ‘Mathabe, Liphakoeng, Ha Thetsane, Tankeng e Tala.

[21] Snack Bar, Sekamaneng.

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