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Sebongile Lesiea, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) trained biotechnologist and a model says she has fallen in love with Mohalalitoe Natural Soap. Sebongile has just secured her place among the top 10 finalists of the Face of Lesotho beauty pageant. Mohalalitoe, developed under the NUL Innovation Hub, is a gift that is quickly becoming a soap of choice among those who are crazy about beauty.

“I’m one of those,” said Sebongile.

Before we tell you the story of the young ambitions lady, let’s first tell you, a little, of how her love affair with Mohalalitoe came to be.

Those who have ever tested the lovely soap from the Roma Valley on their skin will agree that this is no normal soap. “When I came in contact with Mohalalitoe, I felt like this was a soap designed for me,” she said.

She says the moderate use of perfumes on the soap was the first to take her attention, “due to my problem with sinuses, Mohalalitoe’s mild approach to perfuming proved to be a bonus.” Of course Mohalalitoe is developing a high-perfume content version for those who really love perfume.

But there was nuch more she would get out of Mohalalitoe, “well, the soap is amazing. It is very gentle on my skin and hugely moisturizing. The fact that it is natural means it is free from added synthetics that are damaging to skin”.

But who is Sebongile?

The former student of Biotechnology at the NUL, she was born in Naleli Maseru. “To be honest, I didn’t quite know much about modelling when I grew up,” she said. “However, I must confess, I really admired girls who looked pretty and took a good care of themselves.”

It was not until she was done with school that she decided to take her chances with modelling, “I was going through the past episode of the Face of Lesotho pageant, on Facebook and Instagram. That’s where I realised that beauty was not always being about skinny.”

So she auditioned.

At that time, “I didn’t really know much, I had to watch videos and did a lot of practice to get it right.”

To her surprise, she was among the top 16 selected for the next round. That was a surprise, “I remember how intimidated I was about girls with really good experience in this area. Then, there I was, among the top 16. It was hard to believe!”

Then came a time for public voting and then, another surprise, she was among the top 10 left!

She said she is looking forward to the actual date of the pageant when all 10 of them will be battling it out at Avani Maseru on the 3rd of April, 2021.

Like Sebongile, you too can have your fair share of Mohalalitoe. It will work wonders for you!

Buy the soap here:

[1] Enrich Holdings, Ha Mafafa

[2] ‘Na le Uena Supermarket, Ha Thetsane

[3] First Choice Supermarket, opposite Sefika Mall

[4] Mpeoa Supermarket, Khubetsoana

[5] Lekhaloaneng Cash and Carry, Lekhaloaneng

[6] Lovely Cosmetics, Sefika Mall

More locations around the country will be announced too.

WhatsApp here for more information: +266 56203524

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