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Eish! These guys are at it. Again! Thato Rammoko and Mohale Molieleng, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) trained computer enthusiasts are happy to introduce eventspoynt, your electronic ticket to your favourite events!

It is fully paperless! You buy your ticket online, you pay online with either M-Pesa or Ecocash or even your bank account and, listen to this one, you only bring your phone to the event!

No paper. Nothing!

Just your Phone!

Yep! This is it! or inbox Eventspoynt.

So you are one of those in the Born After Technology (BAT) generation who is baffled by the prevalence of paper-based tickets in the 21st century?

Or, are you, perhaps, one of those hardworking fellows who likes organizing events but get frustrated when potential clients blame a distance or even obscurity, of your ticket selling outlet?

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Or maybe you are just a good old environmental enthusiast bewildered by the ever-declining forest resources that help keep our atmospheric greenhouse gases balanced—and you want to see paperless technology reinforced, bit by bit?

Take heart.

Thato Rammoko (+266 53094658) and Mohale Molieleng have a solution.

‘I am a computer trained hip-hop artist,’ Rammoko said in an interview. ‘It turns out those double passions, computer and hip-hop, combine in him to create the product we are introducing today.’


Everybody kinda know a thing or two about Lesotho’s rising hip-hop music. But have you heard a thing or two about the music from an insider?

Okay, listen to Rammoko relate.

“Outside my technology life, I am a hip-hop artist,” he said. “some people call our fast-moving music industry sotho-hop.” In a nutshell, it is a version of hip-hop delivered in a combination of Sesotho and English or in Sesotho only.

It drives young people crazy!

But behind the vibe, pop and fanfare, there are glaring cracks. “It is an industry that is moving fast, but with no financial rewards in the end,” said Rammoko.

‘In this industry, it is not uncommon for you to be famous, have your music played in radios, TV and all over, while you are broke.”

‘It is a survival industry!”

He added in a tone layered with determination to transform the status-quo.

Here are the problems. Lack of proper copyright law means, “you can sell just one CD for M100, and the next thing you hear your music played across the country, while you remain with that measly M100 you started with, in your pocket.”

Your CD has been copied!

So they have a strategy, they no longer make money through selling CDs. They give them for free and then organize live events.

“But this alternative is no picnic either,” Rammoko added, holding his breath. Fraud, fraud, fraud, is a problem here. “When you are on a stage delivering music to your fans, you can see the hundreds and hundreds in the adoring crowd, only to receive income that clearly doesn’t correspond to the numbers.”

It sorta leaves you wondering, what happened there—we mean, like— at the gate?

Oop! Eventspoynt jumps in at this point. It is a brilliant solution, not only for hip-hop events but for all kinds of events. Doing it is as simple as ABC. You go online—register. Then you choose your event, and the kind of ticket you want to buy, e.g. VIP, Goldern Circle or normal ticket.

Then you pay the given price with your M-Pesa, Ecocash or through your bank account.

During the paying process, a unique number, called order number, is generated. This you use as a reference when you pay in any of those options.

Once they receive your payment, Eventspoynt folks confirm both by your email and by your order number and; your e-ticket is sent to your email. You can either print it (but please don’t, save the trees), or you can leave it on your phone.

When time comes for the event, you show up with your phone on hand [or your printed paper if you are the Born Before Technology (BBT)] .

And here is Rammoko again, “in your e-ticket, there is a code called QR code,” That is Quick Response two dimensional bar code, it determines if or not you will enter the event.

“We scan the code, in your electronic PDF ticket on your phone or on you printed paper. For scanning we use any phone that has a camera, as long as an app is installed there, to recognize the QR code.”

This time around, no money is exchanging hands. Thus fraud is kept at bay. It is stress-free for both the buyers and sellers of the tickets. All you need to attend you favourite show is to have a phone, and money in your M-Pesa account.

That is it!

It doesn’t get easier than that!

The beauty of this system is that it is versatile; all kinds of event organizers can use it as a tool. And you can buy ticket, while in any corner of the Mountain Kingdom, or beyond.

Eish! Those are NUL trained computer gurus for you!

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