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Mr Lepheana Mosooane, the former National University of Lesotho (NUL) graduate, is kindly requesting your participation in the study using this link:

The topic of the study is, “HIV and STIs risk among heterosexual partners staying alone: The case of young men and young women aged 15-35 in Maseru, Lesotho.”

This is a basic online survey assessing the HIV and STIs risk among heterosexual partners staying alone in Maseru, Lesotho. The aim of this survey is not only to asses the HIV and STIs risk but to also find out whether such partners can be classified as a population at risk. Furthermore, the survey aims to find out whether such a population can be prioritised in Sexual Reproductive Health Services (SRHS) and HIV prevention services based on the risk that they maybe experiencing or facing.

For more clarifications, contact Mr. Lepheana Mosooane on +266 58522872 (Call and WhatsApp) Email:, Facebook: Lepheana Snappy P Mosooane.

Mr. Lepheana Mosooane is an NUL graduate class of 2010 and he graduated in Bachelor of Arts, English Language and Theatre and Drama. His passion in HIV/AIDS issues emanates from Theatre for Development – a Theatre course which brings together the theatre world and the community world in an effort to solve community social issues including HIV/AIDS related issues.

Through his wealth of experience in Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS issues, he has used Theatre, Film and Writing skills to inform and educate communities about issues affecting them in their daily lives. Most importantly, he continues to advocate for equal access of SRH and HIV services for all.

This survey is specifically meant for heterosexual people (aged 15-35) who stay alone in the rented flats (malaene) or in their homes. The participant must have stayed in Maseru for the past six months. As this survey is meant to change the landscape of HIV and SRH service delivery in the country, participants are expected to provide honest answers.

NB: This is a personal survey and it is not funded by any government, donor, NGO, community or whoever. Names of all participants will remain confidential.

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