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The accredited and internationally pitched MSc in Sustainable Energy ( offered by the Energy Research Centre (ERC) has attracted two students from Austria. They will be joining this highly acclaimed programme with course facilitators from across the globe ( from August 2021 with the new cohort of students.

“This is an exceptional opportunity to visit Lesotho and get to know its culture and people. The master program of sustainable energy is a good way to educate ourselves on energy issues. We have heard and read a lot about the necessity of the sustainable energies course and are excited about the integration of what we have learned into everyday life in Lesotho. Also we heard about the well-equipped laboratories and projects that make studying with ERC very attractive. We are very excited about the country, the landscape, the people and the technical and human experiences that we will hopefully have there.” Said Luisa & Paul.

The programme is proudly supported by energy stakeholders across the globe such that dissertation projects are recommended and done in collaboration with the stakeholders.

“Your updated MSc programme is perfect. I find it difficult to meaningfully contribute.”

Prof. Rainer Ibowski, SES Renewable Energy Expert, Germany

“We have high expectations of everything done by the NUL ERC Team.”

Leslie Ashburner, Project Manager, TEA-LP Project, Cape Town

“I honestly don’t know any other university department being so successful.”

Niklas Hayek, Development Consultant – Energy, Education & Climate Change, Austria

“We were really impressed by the quality of the MSc research projects.”

Dr Chris Derde, CEO, Hirundo Energy, Belgium

Moreover, ERC has just been accepted as a member of World Council for Renewable Energy (

“We are delighted to welcome you as a new member of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE) – we look forward to a fruitful cooperation, both with the WCRE and EUROSOLAR.” Said Professor Peter Droege, GC WCRE and President EUROSOLAR.

Don’t miss out, to join this vibrant programme with a global touch in August 2021 apply before June 2021. Application Forms and further details can be found at: Feel free to contact us at: and +266 58585008.

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