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Milco, the proposed chain-store under the NUL Innovation Hub, which will sell ONLY Lesotho products, is registering products and services that may be sold by the store.

Are you a businessman/businesswoman in the production of goods and services in Lesotho? Would you like your product or service to be sold at the soon-to-operate chain-store called Milco? Milco, otherwise known as Made In Lesotho Cooperative store, is an ambitious proposed chain-store to be incubated under the NUL Innovation Hub that will sell ONLY Lesotho products. It is undergoing registration with relevant authorities. In the mean-time, the NUL Innovation Hub is seeking information about potential products that Milco will sell.

No product or service is off limits: foodstuffs, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, hair products, building materials, music, mobile money, music, books, bedding, furniture, kitchenware, heating tools, towels, the list is endless. The ONLY condition is that they must be made in Lesotho.

If you are interested, then provide full details about the product: [write about each product/service separately if you have more than one product/service]:

1. What it is? [ATTACH a clear picture of the product]

3. How long has this product/service been in production?

4. How much of it do you produce in a day/week/month? If it is a service, how many people do you serve per day/week/month?

5. Is your business registered?

6. Send your contact details: phone numbers (WhatsApp if possible) and email address.

All details should be sent to

WhatsApp ‘Makuena Lesiea, the organizer of Milco, on the following numbers: +266 5376 4766 for inquiries.

Please note that submitting your product is not a guarantee that Milco will sell it. However, it will be considered for selling once Milco is in operation. Milco is willing to advise producers on how best to package their products such that they are acceptable. We are willing to grow along with Basotho products,.

The idea is to:

(a) Concentrate all Lesotho products and services into one place in each district of Lesotho and beyond.

(b) Give Lesotho products the attention they deserve until they gain prominence.

(c) Slowly professionalize, not only the products, but how thy are produced and sold. We need to go beyond the hustling (boits’okoli).

(d) When possible, provide producers with a means of transport of their products from their place of production to Milco space.

(e) When it grows, Milco will be a vehicle to export Lesotho products to the outside world. Milco in Maputo means Lesotho products in Maputo.

By contribution as little as M50 a month to buy shares, you can be a member of this exciting cooperative. For updates, join the following WApp group: more about Milco here:…/

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