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The truth is that we have to make tough decisions to beat it.

1. We can no longer rely on “foreign investors.” We don’t need foreign investors to tell us that we can grow potatoes to feed ourselves.

2. We can no longer afford to think too big, when it is, in fact, small things that we must do.

3. We can no longer “talk” about private sector led economy when we do little to support that private sector.

4. We can no longer encourage youth to “self-employ” while we can hardly ever give them a start-up capital.

5. We can no longer think that if we are graduates, being involved in business is a sign of being failures. It is not.

6. We can no longer ignore innovation as the only passport to grow businesses from ideas to realities.

7. We can no longer fund roads, fund schools and fund clinics but make funding businesses that will create enough wealth to fund more roads, more schools and more clinics a taboo. Yes funding businesses is a taboo this side of the world.

8. We can no longer shy away from manufacturing our own things even if we start small. No product shall be too small for us to manufacture. We will make sweets. We will make pancakes. We will make yogurts. We will make soaps. We will make soft drinks. We will make pencils. We will make all and everything and we shall consider nothing to be below our dignity to produce.

9. And, above all, we shall have to face this reality. Creating jobs is not easy. We are not talking about lifatofato. We are talking about real sustainable jobs that helps us put food on the table. It takes hard work. It takes changing our ways of thinking. We can’t keep doing the same things, in the same way, and then expect different results.

10. Let’s put the blame-game aside and start working.

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