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Firstly one would ask, what is soap? It is simply a salt (YES A SALT!!) that results from reaction of fats and basic agents. Therefore, when fats and basic agents are combined, fatty acids separate from triglycerides and fuse with hydroxide ions (from basic agent), to form this salt we call soap, At the same time, the by-product, glycerol result from the remaining components. Scientifically, this reaction that occurs between these fats and basic agents is termed saponification process.

It is therefore evident that during soap making process, two products are actually produced, which are soap and glycerine.

Then you may ask, do all soaps have glycerin incorporated in them?

The truth is not all the soaps are glycerine soaps (have glycrine incorporated in them). Even though from saponification process glycerol is incorporated in the soap, it is commonly extracted out and sold separately. And this is the case in most commercial soap brands.

Guess what? The glycerine is extracted so it may be used in other products such as lotions. After extraction only low quality product called soap noodles is left behind. To improve its properties, it is treated with all sorts of chemicals to enhance the features that may attract you.

With Mohalalitoe Soap, there are no compromises. You will get to experience all the benefits that come with the glycerine, because glycerine is left incorporated in it. Therefore, it is guaranteed that Mohalalitoe Soap will not only leave your skin moisturized, but also soft and supple.

Get Mohalalalitoe Natural Soap at the affordable prices from the following places;

Mohales’ Hoek

1. Mellinium Supermarket, Mohale’s Hoek

2. Bus Stop Saloon (59916093), Mohale’s Hoek

3. First Choice Cafe, Selibeng, Mohales Hoek

4. In & Out, Qalakheng, Mohale’s Hoek


5. Complete Care Pharmacy, Mafeteng

6. Theo Pharmaceuticals, Opp. FNB bank, Mafeteng


7. HZ Enterprise/ 4 Brothers, Hlotse

8. Hualong Supermarket, Hlotse

9. Dumela Supermaket, Hlotse

10. LL Pharmamacy, Hlotse

11. Get Well Pharmacy, Hlotse

12. Macabela Supermarket, Hlotse,

13. Date Palm Pharmacy, Hlotse


14. TNCS Pharmaceuticals, Botha-Buthe

15. Health First Pharmacy, Botha-Buthe

16. Grens Supermarket, Botha-Buthe

17. Savemore Supermaket, Botha-Buthe

18. KNS Mini Market, Botha-Buthe


19. Zum Zum Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, Sebakeng sa Metro pela garage ea Ha Seotsanyana.


20. Enrich Stores, Ha Mafafa

21. ‘Na le Uena, Ha Thetsane

22. First Choice Supermarket, opp. Sefika Complex

23. Lovely Cosmetics, Sefika Complex

24. Lekhaloaneng Cash&Carry, Lekhaloaneng

25. Mpeoa Supermarket, Naleli

26. JIKS Pharmacy, opp. Lesotho High School

27. Mapere Convenience Store, Ha Motloheloa

28. Savemore Supermarket, Qoaling

29. Bright Light Supermarket, Hamants’ebo

30. Mzalas Complex, NUL, Roma

31. NUL Innovation Hub, NUL, Roma

For bulk orders, contact 56203524 or 69499598

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