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By the end of April 2021, Phuthalichaba, a Financial Cooperative under the National University of Lesotho (NUL) Innovation Hub, had its savings at M 607 876.64 and membership at 432 on its way to becoming a bank TRULY owned by the people! These numbers are growing by the day! “PhuthaLichaba’s innovative approach and big vision is what separates us from other financial institutions in Lesotho, no wonder everyone is flocking to us,” says Mr Vusi Mashinini, a Law Student at the National University of Lesotho and the Secretary General of PhuthaLichaba.

Join Phuthalichaba here from the comfort of your home and wherever you are:


Known as “The Future Bank of the People,” Phuthalichaba is the fastest growing registered financial cooperative in Lesotho; incubated under the NUL Innovation Hub. Its aim is to become Lesotho’s first and true Development Bank which will invest in NUL Innovation Hub’s businesses and other businesses owned by Basotho.

Every member must save monthly (Compulsory Monthly Savings). You choose how much you want to save per month but the minimum amount you can save is M50.00. These compulsory savings are debited from your bank account through a debit order, which is charged M15.00

(Contact Miss Itumeleng Likhama or Mr Tebello Tjapela here by WhatApp: +266 50204106 / +266 5632 2869 for more information).

Why join?

1. Phuthalichaba is a legally registered cooperative, incubated under the NUL Innovation Hub, which aims to be both a Commercial and a Development Bank in the future.

2. Phuthalichaba will be Lesotho’s only financial institution that will strengthen innovative local businesses by buying shares in them, growing them to become big regional and international players.

3. If you are a member (and therefore a shareholder in Phuthalichaba), you indirectly become a shareholder in the companies in which Phuthalichaba will invest; with associated benefits.

4. Immediate membership benefits include access to finance through borrowing. They also include a chance for you to save your own money in an entity that is truly owned by you.

Join it here:

What makes Phuthalichaba different?

1. Being part of the NUL Innovation Hub, Phuthalichaba seeks to be at the cutting edge of financial innovations in Lesotho.

2. It is brought together, and it is led by some of the most innovative minds Lesotho has produced.

3. It is one of the few (if any) 100% paperless institutions in Lesotho. Yes, no one handles cash or touches paper at Phuthalichaba. We use technology to the maximum!

4. All financial transactions are handled by the bank, so Phuthalichaba is transparent in the way it handles people’s hard-earned cash. That is because all its financial transactions are traceable and they are held by a third party, which is the bank.

Did you know:

1. That Phuthalichaba now has its savings at M 607 876.64 and membership at 432 on its way to becoming Basotho’s own Bank?

2. That Phuthalichaba has members residing as far as Taiwan, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Mozambique, Belgium and South Africa? That, in fact, you can join Phuthalichaba from anywhere in Lesotho or outside the country as long as you have a bank account in Lesotho and you are a citizen of Lesotho?

3. That PhuthaLichaba owns two more financial institutions which are: Lebelo Mobile Money and Phuthalichaba Investments (more about this in the future)?

4. That even new-born babies can become members of Phuthalichaba by saving through their parents’ accounts as long a they have Identity Documents?

So join PhuthaLichaba now because, quite frankly, it is an earthquake waiting to happen in the financial world:

Join here:

For more information, contact the CEO, Mr Tebello Tjapela, or the Finance Intern, Miss Itumeleng Likhama by WhatApp: +266 50204106 / +266 5632 2869.


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